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If You Could Turn $5 Into $200 … How Many Times Would You Do It?

 Revolutionary Spy Software & Traffic System, Makes Us

$257 In Passive Commissions Daily

1st Timers Are Making 3-Figures In As Little As 24 Hours With This … Now It’s Your Turn!

  • Uncover High Converting Ads on Youtube Instantly

  • Uncover High Converting campaigns  to replicate

  • Uncover High Converting Landing Pages to replicate

  • Uncover Exact Ad Copies to copy and paste

  •   ZERO Video Creation Needed use other people's content

  • Attract Buyers for just pennies on the dollar

  • Generate sales from ice cold traffic

  • 100% beginner friendly - no list or experience needed

  • DFY campaigns to copy

  • Real Case Study with results to follow

  • Step by Step Blueprint premium over the shoulder video training. Easy To Follow, easy to implement.


  • Beginner Friendly | Battle-Tested Evergreen Software | Recurring Income

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    Sales & Profits Overnight For Our Beta Users!

    “I've launched my ad campaign last night for £5 a day, and woke up today seeing results in my Clickbank Account.

    It was less than 15 hours! Since the Campaign Started!”

    Inside Tubematic, We REVEAL our Winning Case Which Generated Us Massive ROI with Only $5 Spend, and results overnight

    With $5 Dollars ad spend, we were able to generate $200+ commissions overnight! 

    98% Of Marketers Are WRONG About Traffic

    And It’s Losing Them Money


    It’s not the size of the traffic source that matters. 

    Bigger isn’t always better, just ask Facebook, Google or Microsoft >>>

    Whether the audience is 1 million or 3 billion ...

    The ONLY thing that matters is ..

  • How Much Of That Traffic


    Traffic has one job: 

    To make you money as quickly as possible.

    This traffic delivers.   

    50.9% of B2B decision makers use Youtube to research purchasesThat makes it the most-used social platform for this purpose, outranking even Facebook (48.5%) and LinkedIn (33%.)

    If you’re marketing to other businesses, you can reach top decision makers on YouTube.

    70% of viewers bought a product from a brand after seeing it on YouTube.    

    Don't worry you don't even need to create a Youtube channel for this to work for you...

    Traffic, Leads & Sales Made Simple

    In Just 3 Short Steps

    STEP 1

    Use our software to uncover  high converting ads on youtube you can use for your own campaigns.

    STEP 2

    Use our DFY Template and Step by Step Blueprint To Set up Your First Campaign.

    STEP 3

    Enjoy leads & sales in as

    little as 24 hours!

    Why Do They Always Make It So Complicated

    To make money as fast as possible …You need high-speed traffic.

    To make money consistently …

    You need predictable traffic.

    That’s it. 

    The solution has AND ALWAYS WILL be to use ads.

    But that can be a problem because until now:

  • You needed to learn ad copy or pay experts

  • You had to know what kinds of offers convert for your traffic source

  • It involved unnecessary risk

  • But it’s 2021 and with 2022 around the corner, 

    Technology has come a long way …


    And you don’t have to wait for OR worry about profitable traffic anymore.

    Top Converting Traffic 

    Automated & On-Demand

    This unique software and system does what nothing else on the market can:

    Automates PROVEN-TO-CONVERT traffic & offers and hands them directly to you!

    There’s no guesswork because our software & system do it all for you:

  • Instantly get the ads ALREADY converting for the competition in any niche

  • See the exact offers to profit with

  • Discover winning landing pages and banners inside your dashboard

  • Turn penny clicks into leads & commissions predictably & consistently

  • This works great for Clickbank Offers, CPA, affiliate marketing in general, and anything you’re promoting online.

    It’s generating us passive income with push-button ease …

    It’s doing the same for beta testers & early customers …

    Now it’s your turn.

    Hey We’re Demetris And Alex

    Traffic’s the most important part of online marketing, and you need every edge you can get.

    So we started experimenting with Youtube ads ...

    Because ad costs were already going through the roof on FB & Google and Bing.

    This traffic was dirt cheap AND converted like crazy.  It was making us AMAZING ROI from just $5 bucks a day!

    The next goal was to develop a software to automate every step …

    and make it foolproof even for complete beginners.

    The beta version of Tubematic has been a smash success with testers & customers of all levels.   Now you get a chance to take it for a ride and start 2022 the right way.  

    It’s the easiest way to turn penny clicks into leads, sales and profits.

    For Traffic That Pays You

    Nothing Else Comes Close

    Amazing ROI.

    Users are turning just $5 into $30, $40 & $50 consistently ...

    Start lucrative campaigns for less than the price of a cappuccino.

    Zero Experience Needed.

    No copywriting or design skills required.

    The push-button software automates 99% of this and we walk you through the rest.


    This breakthrough app & system can generate life-changing results, just like it is for us and others already:

    Targeted Buyers In Any Niche

    Easy Clicbank Commissions

    Tubematic Makes Finding High Converting Ads on Youtube 

     An Absolute Breeze

    Huge Time-Saver

    Stop wasting hours of time manually searching

    for monetized videos

    Laser Targeting

    Instantly reach the audiences of thousands

    of highly relevant videos

    Boost Your ROI

    Precision targeting means higher conversions,

    lower costs and maximum ROI

    Reach More Customers

    Tap into the massive audience of the

    2nd largest search engine

    Use Our Exact Blueprint and Tubematic Software to Build Multiple Income Sources 

    TubeMatic Automates The Process Of Getting

    And Converting Traffic Into Leads,

    Sales & Commissions

    Now anyone can start seeing results within hours of logging in ...

  • Without wasting a second on boring niche or campaign research

  •  Without learning a single thing about ad creation

  • Without BS or unproven theories

  • Without creating any Videos 

  • Because this customer-proven, evergreen software makes you profit-optimized ad campaigns on Youtube, INSTANTLY.



    This unique software & system are built to make you massive ROI from instant

    Youtube ad campaigns that are already proven to convert!

    Get In front Of Buyers Easily | Promote Hi-Converting Offers Effortlessly | Maximize Your ROI

  • 100% beginner friendly

  • Quickly Extract videos you can advertise on

  • Copy our “Secret 3 Step Lead Formula” to maximize results

  • Turn penny clicks into consistent commissions

  • Discover Top Channels and Videos running Ads  in any Niche

  • Legally scrape winning ads from your competition

  • Get clicks, leads & sales using our proven step by step blueprint.

  • Shortcut your success with DFY campaigns and DFY Templates and DFY videos you never need to create.

  • All inclusive traffic & income solution

  • Spy on your Competition landing pages and channels

  • Get Started Now

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    All The Laser Targeted Buyer Traffic You Need

    From Youtube Ads

  • Ultra-high converting

  • Untapped by most marketers

  • Traffic for pennies on the dollar!

  • For turning $1 into $10 …$5 into $50 …And $30 into $300 ...This is the BEST network we’ve ever found.   

    Did we mention you don't need to create any videos yourself, or even creating any type of youtube channels? 

     Not Needed! 

    So Simple. 100% Beginner Friendly

    Just Copy What We Show You & Let The Software Do The Rest


    Instantly Extract Money Making Videos to use For Your Own Campaigns

    Within minutes of setup, the software will scrape all top profitable ads running right now on Youtube Ads, and will allow you to export or copy and paste them into your campaigns for true snipe targeting and getting in-front of your relevant niche audience.


    All done from inside your dashboard, without even visiting Youtube.   You never have to create a video ever! Use what's working.

    Easily Build Lists Of Engaged Subscribers & Followers

    Create engaged lists & audiences using the included case studies and software.

    Discover Top Channels Running Ads In Real Time

    The channel search function enables you to search for the top channels in any niche within seconds who are running ads in real time.  Simply enter a keyword to uncover hundreds of relevant channels in one click.   You can then choose to extract monetized videos from specific channels in your search results or quickly extract the list of channel URLs to advertise across entire channel.  

  • Perfect for beginners new to ads

  • Amazing solution for experienced marketers looking to scale

  • Eliminate Guesswork By Spying On Your Competition

    Predictable profits without reinventing the wheel? Easier than ever.

    The software spies on your competition in any niche and delivers you the exact offers, landing pages, more ads from those channels & campaign details ……

    that are already proven to convert.

    Scrape Profitable Keyword Tags & Descriptions and more

    Tubematic will uncover the most profitable ads that are running right now, but also all the data you need to go and copy and replicate campaigns that are converting right now.  

    So you can run profit-optimized campaigns without ANY manual research or guessing.

    Done-For-You WINNING Campaign

    Copy my exact template & proven campaign for fast results.

    This is your fast start into lucrative Clickbank Affiliate Marketing and Youtube Ads!

    Tubematic's Powerful Features

    Tubematic is filled with features that will instantly help you create your money campaigns.

  • Powerful YT Video Ads Search

    Quickly uncover all highly relevant and popular monetized video ads that are running right now on Youtube.

  • Top Channels YT Ad Search

    Discover the top channels running ADS in any niche on youtube right now.

  • Uncover Landing Pages

    Discover high converting landing pages and offers used by your competition within the software.

  • Uncover Ad Placements

    Extract all links from channels and videos that are related to your niche for snipe targeting and export them into your own ad campaigns.

  • Discover Exact Ad Copies

    Get the exact ad copy created by your competition to use for your own campaigns. 

  • Save Placement Lists

    Save videos and ads in your own personal lists for future access. 

  • Youtube Video Info Tool

    Extract the keyword tags, thumbnails, icon, banner and descriptions of any YouTube video using this tool built into Tubematic.

  • No Installations Required

    Tubematic is 100% cloud-based and works directly on your PC or Mac without requiring any installation.

  • Full Mobile Responsive

    Tubematic works beautifully on mobile phones and tablets so you can use it anywhere, anytime.

  • This Spy Software and Training

    Is PROVEN Beginner-Friendly

    So Claim Your Risk-Free Access Now!

    Click For Instant Access

    Hurry! This special pre-launch discount is only available for a limited time.

    The price WILL be rising very soon - get in now and save big!

    4 More Reasons Why TubeMatic Is

    Light Years Ahead Of The Competition

    Beginner And Wallet Friendly

    TubeMatic is built for any level of experience and budget.

    Get started with profitable Youtube Ads for just $5 just like so many of our most successful beta testers did.

    From there, the sky’s the limit.

    Epic Support & Training


    We use this software & system ourselves, so it’s always up-to-date.Because your success is our success, you get the absolute best support in the industry with multiple ways to contact us.


    And of course you get over-the-shoulder training to set you up for success right out of the gate.

    Battle-Tested & Results Going Back

    For 24 Months


    We and early testers have been using beta versions of TubeMatic. 

    After multiple updates & revisions, this completely updated version is a performance & profit machine.

    Get Paid From Multiple Platforms


    TubeMatic works with any Clickbank, CPA & any affiliate platform and eCom.  It works for your own products.It works to drive traffic to your websites and landing pages. One traffic system …


    unlimited options

    Grab TubeMatic Now & Get 

    These Profit-Boosting Bonuses

    ** Bonuses Are Only Available During This Exclusive Launch and Only Available To Tubematic Commercial Users **

    BONUS 1

    DFY Templates (1 Splash Page,

    1 Review Page, 1 optin Page)

    BONUS 2

    Passion Tube Profits (premium

    youtube course teaching you

    affiliate marketing)

    BONUS 3

    DFY Banner Template 

    BONUS 4

    120$ FREE AD Credit!

    Get Started Now

    Click For Instant Access

    Hurry! This special pre-launch discount is only available for a limited time.

    The price WILL be rising very soon - get in now and save big!

    The Following Are Included

    When You Invest In TubeMatic Today:

    Inclusion #1:

    Discover Winning Ads

    Tubematic is an innovative video search engine that provides advertisers with the most relevant, high-quality videos to advertise their products on. With Tubematic's powerful keyword searching capabilities you can find what ads are converting for other users.  It can help you find relevant monetized content to advertise on, with multiple modes tailored towards different needs and desires!

    Inclusion #2:

    Discover Top Channels Running Ads

    Discover the Top Channels in Any Niche and Advertise Across Entire Channel Search Results . The channel search function enables you to find out which channels are relevant for your niche that are running ads right now! I repeat, ADS they are running right now.

    Simply enter a keyword, press "search" and voila!

    You'll be presented with hundreds of options that match your niche.

    From there it’s easy enough; just select those whose content would best suit an advertisement aimed at generating clicks from potential viewers like yourself…extract the links and paste them in your placement campaigns to get infront of actual BUYERS.

    Inclusion #3: 

    Deep Insights

    Gain valuable insights into your competition with the ability to view a list of video ads that are seen running on monetized videos in search results.

    Instantly check out which types of targeted keywords or YouTube channels they're using for advertising, as well as some landing pages where these campaigns may lead users after clicking through from other websites.

    This is extremely powerful information if you need any pointers when planning future marketing strategies!

    Inclusion #4: Step By Step Guide, Video Training and Blueprint

    TubeMatic Premium Training Academy

    Get bonus access to our exact blueprint to making commissions or sales through this simple strategy taught inside Tubematic.

    This is a beginner-friendly training course consisting of over the shoulder videos, designed to get you started as an affiliate marketer with Youtube Ads and promoting offers from Clickbank, Jvzoo, Warrior + and cpa networks. 

    All training is over the shoulder, take you by the hand, making it really stupid easy for anyone to get started today! 

    The course is covered in 11 Videos: 

    1. Tubematic Overview

    2.  Your Journey With Affiliate Marketing

    3. Finding A Winning Offer to Promote

    4.  Publishing Your Foundation Online.

    5.  Completing Your foundation and going Live

    6.  Your Domain with Google

    7.  Creating Your First Youtube Ads Campaign

    8.  Getting More Impressions, Views, and Clicks

    9.  First Results Are In!

    10.  Create and Scale Campaigns Easily for 10x

    11.  Claim Your Free 120$ Ad Spend

    Get An Amazing Discount When You Act Now

    Based on user results alone, we could easily charge $67 per month for TubeMatic and that would be a great deal.

    Even at that price, just a few profitable campaigns would cover the cost many, many times over.

    And while we WILL be increasing the price soon …to reflect our ongoing costs of software maintenance & upgrades …

    Right now you won’t pay $67 per month.You won’t even pay a monthly fee … AT ALL.

    Get TubeMatic right now, and we’ll waive the subscription fee and give you full access to everything for a single, low payment.

    Claim Your Tubematic License Now!

    We are giving you two different options to get started.  

    Personal Licence


    *Personal Use ONLY!

    • Tubematic Software and Training - $37 (only for

      personal use) 

    Commercial License

    (Popular Option)


    *Full Agency Rights!

    • Tubematic Software and Training - Including Real Case Study - $47

    • Bonus 1: High Converting DFY Templates (1 Splash Page, 1 Review Page, 1 Optin Page) 

    • Bonus 2: Passion Tube Profits (premium youtube course teaching you affiliate marketing) 

    • Bonus 3: DFY Banner Template

    • Bonus 4:  120$ FREE AD Credit!

    30 Day Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee

    Pick up TubeMatic today completely risk-free.

    We’re so confident you’ll love this that your investment is completely covered.

    See for yourself how easy it is to have profit-optimized ads created in as little as 60 seconds.

    Leverage the DFY campaign, step-by-step training and scaling tools to get real results from Youtube Ads and high-converting offers.

    If you have questions or need support at any time, we’ll do whatever it takes to help you as soon as humanly possible.

    But if for any reason you decide this isn’t for you …

    Just let us know anytime over the next 30 days …

    And you’ll get a prompt, hassle-free refund.With this guarantee, the only way to lose is if you miss out now, and have to pay more later.

    One Thing Is For SureTraffic Is What Gets You Paid

    You can keep struggling for traffic …

    And keep struggling to make the profits you deserve.

    Or you can grab this proven solution ...

    and training, to jumpstart your online career as an affiliate marketer or online business owner, And never struggle for traffic and leads again.

    Claim Your Tubematic License Now!

    We are giving you two different options to get started.  

    Personal Licence


    *Personal Use ONLY!

    • Tubematic Software and Training - $37 (only for personal use) 

      * No DFY Templates for this deal.

    Commercial License

    (Popular Option)


    *For Commercial Use ONLY!

    • Tubematic Software and Training - $47

    • Bonus 1: DFY Templates (1 Splash Page, 1 Review Page, 1 optin Page) 

    • Bonus 2: Passion Tube Profits (premium youtube course teaching you affiliate marketing) 

    • Bonus 3: DFY Banner Template

    • Bonus 4:  120$ FREE AD Credit!

    We Really Look Forward To Seeing You On The Inside...

    We Are Confident You're Going To Love This!




    What is Tubematic in a nutshell?

    This is a simple-to-setup software and system that ANYONE can use to start creating profit-optimized ads on Youtube today.

    What makes this different from other softwares out there?

    No other software lets you find winning ads running right now on Youtube, revealing landing pages, banners, products, videos and thumbnails. This works in any niche, by spying on your competition for proven ads , that you can leverage into your own winning campaigns.

    Do I need tech skills?

    This is a very SIMPLE process so any beginner can be up and running with the software and system in no time.

    Do I need a list or previous experience to make this work?

    No! You don’t need a list or experience. Just follow our crystal-clear steps for the initial setup and you’ll be up and running.

    Are any other investments required?

    Because the method inside teaches you the of the lowest-cost ad networks out there, you can get started with as little as $5...but if you get the commercial licence you get 120$ ad credit so you basicaly start for free.

    Will using this put my google ads account at risk?

    Absolutely not. We’ve ensured our software follows all platform guidelines and is 100% compliant and safe to use. 

    We are not liable for any google ad suspensions as this could be for many reasons (credit card issues, suspicious activities, or you not following policies or Google's policies. Everything shown in the training are based on our personal experiences which have been running on Google without issues.)

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